RxPro is a series of software enhanced workflows that enable pharmacy operations to ensure the  integrity of  inventory and deliver medications safely to the point of care.

The application integrates with your Pharmacy Systems via an automated interface.  This integration allows you to reduce duplicitive labor in your pharmacy, as you only need to maintain your host system.

Duplicitive NDC database maintenance becomes unnecessary!

RxPro is a hosted service and does NOT require servers on site, software is loaded locally on existing computers.

RxPro allows for:

  • Scanning on Receipt – Validate incoming manufacture NDC barcodes and ensure they are accurate and in your host system.
  • Quarantine label printing, quickly identify and segregate non indexed medications.
  • ADC Repackaging Application – Validate your medications and load them to your Automated Dispensing Cabinet system via a barcode scan, without having to maintain duplicitive NDC databases.
  • Prescription Verification – barcode scanning accuracy.
  • ADC Inventory Verification – Spot check your Automated Dispensing Cabinets inventory accuracy with a simple barcode scan.
  • Barcoded Cart Fill Routine
  • Pharmacy Inventory Verification Routine
  • Analytics – application reporting readily allows you the opportunity to see:
    • Number of errors stopped
    • Where the error was captured
    • Utilization and Metrics
    • Workaround detection