downTIME(TM) Hospital Wristband / Label Printing System for Positive Patient ID

  • Downtime Patient Wristbands and Labels.
  • Stand alone application that allows for the generation of barcoded patient identifying labels and wristbands during a system outage.
  • HIPAA and HITECH Act-compliant application.
  • Site-wide licensing agreement allowing installation on an unlimited number of devices.
  • Works with Zebra HC and G Series printers via networked or direct USB connection.
  • Adult Wristband(s) 1D, 2D or Mixed Barcode Symbology to support your environment.
  • Infant Wristband(s).
  • Mother / Infant / Birthing Partner Security Bracelets, printed on demand.
  • Quick scan reprint functionality. Scan the pre-printed quick scan 2D barcode and print labels & wristbands instantly.
  • New downTIME(TM) Plus version adds support for the Zebra Laser Band line of products.
  • Laser Band upgrade includes support for printing to any windows printer.
Downtime Patient Identification

Downtime Patient Wristbands and Labels